Tracking New Year’s Resolutions

Today has been a rather long day already (and it is only just gone lunchtime) and I have achieved ZERO. I am rather disappointed in myself, but a splitting headache and general feeling horrible-ness is making me want to just cosy up in bed and read a book.

It was a struggle (as I have no concentration at the moment) but I did manage to read another chapter of my current book. Therefore I am happy that at least one resolution continues to be taken care of.

Inspired by Helen of plan.create.succeed I had intended to try to make meaningful New Year’s Resolutions today, but that has so far gone out the window and I have decided to complete the less “brain-heavy” task of finding an appropriate Daily Habit Tracking App for my new iPhone (as my 2012 one was Android only – but I loved it).

So sticking to free apps only (and staying away from weight loss specific apps) I have come up with the following list to try out:

  • lift
  • touch goal
  • way of life
  • bloom
  • opus domini
  • achieve
  • habit maker
  • pocket coach


Once I have had the opportunity to try these out I will blog my thoughts on them. As always – I appreciate any recommendations people may have.


2 thoughts on “Tracking New Year’s Resolutions

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