New Project for 2013….

I have decided to take part in Angela’s “My Filofax Week / My Week” Posts (as made famous by Angela on Paper Lovestory).

Angela does really pretty ‘weeks’, and mine are usually a mess (and empty) … particularly as I am flicking between filofax and diaries already this year.

My boyfriend bought me a Lenze 2013 diary (more about this later) which I am enjoying using… in conjunction with a filofax, a moleskine… and numerous other project organising tools.


So here is a quick glance of this week…


Hopefully next week will be more interesting.
oh and don’t forget to check out Paper Lovestory – it is drool worthy.

2 thoughts on “New Project for 2013….

  1. I’m doing this too! Posted my first week today actually. Mine are never gorgeous, but I do try to add a bit of color in my downtime. 🙂 Looking forward to following your progress.

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