My new on-the-go ‘fax (Slimline Filofax)

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I had been deciding whether to purchase a slimline or a new chameleon. I decided to go for the slimline – and here she is…

She is a Slimline Cuban in Saddle Brown and designated as my new “On-The-Go” ‘fax. The rings are 11mm, and on the inside cover we have a number of credit card pockets, full length pocket and the usual pen loop. I picked her up new (and no scratches or ring issues (Yay!)) from WH Smith in their up to half price sale for £28.99.

By “on-the-go” ‘fax – I mean a Filofax I can take more places (it fits in more of my bags and it is lighter) and I simply fill it with scrap paper for writing on / to use as a sort of notebook.

Overall I am delighted with my purchase. I made this purchase for several reasons:

– the Ideas section of my Cross Filofax was bursting (and lost somewhere in the middle). It now has a new home.

– I was increasingly writing ideas and notes on scrap pieces of paper as I will only take my Personal Sized Cross Filofax out when I have my big handbag (i.e. to and from work). Not on the weekend or going shopping etc as I dislike carrying around all the heavy weight – but there are always times when I wish I had my Filofax.

– I frequently write ideas in all my notebooks and post-its etc having this slimline Filofax provides the neatness of a notebook, but the ability to swap and change pages etc. It helps me process and organise my ideas.

– a frequent time waster is collating all these notes that I make and/or coping the information into my Filofax or from a post-it to somewhere more permanent. I continuously have ideas, but I can’t possibly do them all at once, this on-the-go ‘fax gives me somewhere to put them (and I know where to look when I am ready to do them).

So those of the reasons why I have bought this Filofax and a brief explanation of how I am going to use it. I will leave the details of my set-up and new inserts for a later post.

Do you have a dedicated use for your slimline – or do you use it as your main Filofax?


2 thoughts on “My new on-the-go ‘fax (Slimline Filofax)

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  2. I use my slim binder as my main organiser. Basically I use it as my diary (planner) and note book for talks and meetings. I seldomly write down my own ideas. Most of the time I think I won’t forget them, and of course I do, and many times I think the idea is not important or interesting enough to write it down, and I ended up forgeting them. I wish I could train myself to write down more things (and so I’d forget less things, so that I didn’t have to think the same thing again and again.)

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