New A-Z Inserts for my Telephone Numbers

As I mentioned earlier in the week I got a new Slimline Filofax – I am still setting this up so more pictures to come. I have already bought 2 new Filofaxes this year and therefore have two sets of standard 2012/2013 inserts that come with the Filofax, so I was pleasantly surprised when this purchase gave us this extra Filofax insert that I had not seen before – and one that I would probably use.

A-Z inserts, but with telephone list on them.

I am one of those people who keeps their addresses in their greeting cards holder and only keeps phone numbers (in case I lose my phone emergency) in my Filofax. These inserts were perfect – especially as they are nice and sturdy as they are on normal index dividers.

They will remain nicely tucked in at the back of my slimline.

I make a purchase on the basis that I want to own the actual Filofax with little thought to the inserts – so it is always a delight when you can also get some great inserts to use as well.



One thought on “New A-Z Inserts for my Telephone Numbers

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