Blogging Schedule Insert: Revisited

Last month I blogged about uses for Vertical Monthly Planners and using them as a Blogging Schedule. This month I have tweaked these inserts to also include a list of possible post ideas by category on the back.

The front of the insert is the same as the vertical monthly inserts. The weekends are shaded and as like I mentioned in my previous post my blog posts get added either when they are posted or scheduled.

The back page (shown above) is what I have now added to this Insert design.

I have room for 5 different categories of posts (I have chosen in write in Filofax, Inserts, Notebooks, Stationery and Other which are the main categories I use for this blog). I have left 4 spaces to write in a suggested name/ideas for a title or topic within that category that I hope to write about. There is also a column labelled scheduled to be able to tick off (or date) when this blog post has been scheduled/posted.

Here I have chosen to put under the category of inserts: Blog Post Schedule, Insert Checklist and Trackers and Logs. Hopefully I will have time to write about all of these this month.

Like what you see? Download a free copy of the insert (for Personal Sized Filofax) here.



5 thoughts on “Blogging Schedule Insert: Revisited

  1. I use a grid format month per page for blogging schedules on Philofaxy, I find the visual pattern is a big help to identifying gaps in our schedule that need to be filled…. aiming for 1 post per day as always!

    • I do use a Moleskine Monthly Planner for such things (and remains on my desk). The insert is more for when I am on the move and have an idea or I have been working on my blog on the move, at work or in a coffee shop or something.

      Lately I have preferred using the Filofax for this, but you are right, a monthly grid is great for helping identify gaps.

  2. Ah, could I ask if you could add a ‘Recent Posts’ widget to your blog it will help with the automation of Web Finds posts. Thanks

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