Tabs and Dividers: Progressing with my Filofax setup

It is official. There are no best dividers or tabs.

But is important to pick those that best suit your needs.

I am still only half-way through my blog Filofax setup.  It is already packed full of pages and I am intending to file a lot of those pages, but currently my filing is packed away in storage and I am reluctant to remove pages at this stage in case they get misplaced. (oh, to have a house to call my own *sigh*)

During my last shopping trip I decided on some Post-It Index / Durable filing tabs (pictured above) and some Avery/Martha Stewart NoteTabs from Staples (I have not yet broken the these out of the wrapping yet – so maybe not even half way through yet).

At the moment I have just used plain card (recycled dividers) for the body of the dividers, but I want to make this more creative and pretty. I did indulge in buying a couple of postcards from Paperchase when I was last in with the intention of using them as dividers, but I have been feeling creative lately and I am tempted to draw my own (time-permitting).

I am looking for inspiration from the philofaxy community on this one, as I am much more used to using my Filofax as a functional piece rather than as pure eye candy.


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