What is important to you when you purchase stationery?

I am back on a course again today which means travelling into town for the next three days, which will give me the perfect opportunity to stock up on any stationery purchases I need. This will be a three stage (day) plan.

1) thinking cap

2) having a browse; and

3) making the purchase.

Last time I bought a second set of stabilo pens so that I had a set for work and home.

There are 3 key things I look for when buying stationery:

  1. Appeal

I like something that either simply looks good (classic and clean), is quirky and stands out from the crowd or is a smart/functional product which helps me organise my life. If it comes into one of those three categories I am more likely to buy it. I like unique items and any piece I have a use for.

  1. Price/Value for money

Ideally, it should be affordable. I rarely pay over the odds for stationery no matter how much I love it. But if I am getting good value for money the cost is irrelevant. That said, when I am a bit strapped for cash I do love a bargain hunt.

  1. Life Improvement

I love stationery items that make me think that will improve or add something to my life. Whether it is simply an additional of a beautiful product into my home, brightens up my desk at work or as it is more frequently helping me organise my life better (and giving me something to blog about as an extra bonus). I am always looking for additions for my collection and recently when I can’t find something to do the trick I am been doing it for myself.

So I ask, what is important to you when you are buying stationery?


One thought on “What is important to you when you purchase stationery?

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