Stop-Watching with Paperchase

Some of you may have noticed the recent stop-watching range from Paperchase. I love this design and it has taken every bit of self-control not to buy it all. What I did allow myself to purchase was the stop-watching stamp:

(Although I may go back for the mechanical pencil, cute washi tape and a notebook – if I can justify it).

Time Recording is a habit of lawyers. However, no doubt a lot of readers actually keep track of how they are spending their time with the intention of analysing it. I do have a strict time-recording process with codes etc, but once I purchased this stamp I thought I might try a more eye-friendly version of time recording.

As I am a morning person I try to maximise my time – particularly my first 3 free hours of the day (so I can relax after work without feeling guilty – or do more household chores). So combine my three hours with the stop-watching stamp and this is what I came up with:

As you can see I have my three stop-watching stamps – one for my hour pre-work, one for my first hour at the office as I drive in early to avoid traffic and have breakfast (if I have no urgent work) and one for my lunch hour.

I have simply drawn and labelled on each clock what I have spent my time on: a nice visual representation. Take a closer look here:

Great little inserts and visually look great. I fell this stamp could have many uses, for example it could also be used in the diary section of your Filofax if you wanted to give representation of your time.



6 thoughts on “Stop-Watching with Paperchase

  1. Love it! I’d love to try that out to see if it’ll work for me.

  2. It’s already gone from the Paperchase site. Could it be sold out already?!?

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