Filofax Setup: My Blog Post Checklist

Last week I wrote about using vertical monthly inserts as a blog posting schedule. I had hoped to also fit in a post about my blog post checklist inserts. Unfortunately my training course (and associated revision) meant that I did not have the time.

This morning I do. The Blog Post Checklist (together with the Blog Posting Schedule) are just two of the inserts I use in the “Blog” section of my Filofax – but we have got to start somewhere.

I try to use a blog post checklist for each substantial post that I do. I tend not to use them for posts that simply share information (such as the previous end of the week post) but rather those with proper content (like this one). Simply because I would fill up my Filofax pretty quickly.

The Blog Post Checklist is divided into three key sections:

1. The Idea and Post Framework

I have got a separate “Brainstorming Section” so I simply note the “idea” as an identifier at the top of the page, together with the (possible) title, and tags and/or categories I might use on the blog.

2. The Checklist

This is the first part of the checklist. I wrote this as I wanted to develop a sort of habit tracker / routine for my blog posts. This “reminds” me of each step I need to complete (or more accurately lets me know what stage I am at since I know the key steps without thinking about it).

I am trying to remember to share Filofax related posts on Facebook (so the additional of “Facebook page” on this list is actually quite useful).

On the back of the page is my review page:

3. Blog Post Review

This contains my stat information – such as comments, links and tweets, together with page-views.

This allows me to analyse my content and upon a later review know which type of posts are most popular, what people like to read and/or feel strongly about etc. After all as much as I enjoy blogging for me, I also want to keep my readers happy.


Overall this checklist helps me keep a routine in relation to my blog posts and keep track of my stats. It might seem overly laborious to some and it will probably not be something I continue forever. The purpose of this checklist is to develop a good blogging routine/habits when it comes to putting together each blog post (and also to give me an idea of the impact each post has) as I start out blogging.

That said there is no reason why old bloggers would not want to try using these inserts for a couple of months to refresh/streamline their current blogging routine.

If you would like to download a free copy of the Blog Post Checklist it is available here (personal sized).



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