Active Goals Management

I recently read a post by Limetree entitled in desperate need of organisational help and I though that sounds familiar.  I used to use a similar system to the one that they were looking for in a “goals notebook”. Unfortunately a lot of my older notebooks are in much-needed storage therefore I do not have it to hand to take some pictures. So some explaining and mock ups will have to do instead.

I did a quick mock-up of a potential insert for the personal-sized filofax in the hope that it can be used by some, but it has inspired me to use this method again.
The Concept

The basic idea behind my method of goal management is that you:

  1. Work out your long-term goals (either in all areas of your life or you can choose to focus on one)
  2. Work out your Goal Plan – break down the goals into steps and weekly objectives
  3. Review at the end of the month.

Step 1:

Setting out my long-term goals. You can either pick to do you whole life e.g. one for home, one for work, one for your family etc….

Or can take the more condensed approach and do 7 long-term goals for one area of your life. This method works for both.

Step 2:

Next you need the Goal Planning Page:

Here you can draw the ideas out of your head using a few prompts (and there is also a brainstorming section). This allows you to plan your goal.  Simply guiding you in achieving your goal. I have included a few example prompts in the inserts.

Once you have the goal planned out (this is the what) it is time to move onto the when. If you are focusing on all areas of your life try to have at least one weekly objective in relation to that goal. But the more you can get in the better as you are getting one step closer to achieving the goal.

You can use one sheet per goal, or one sheet per week (with multiple goals).

Below I show the set up of these two pages for my goals for progression of the purchase of my new house. I have kept this one goal on the page – therefore the objectives have actually been split into two weeks on the same page.

Whichever way round you do it (by goal or by week) the key thing is that you do it in a way that you can see how you are progressing.

Step 3:

And finally the two end of month review pages:

Again, I have included some prompts and would like to highlight that the key thing is working out what you have achieved, how you want to progress and any issues you had in achieving the tasks you had set out. E.g. Had you tried to do too much to the extent where you got nothing done? Then address this when planning out your next month.

This is a brief overview of my goal management. If you have any questions please stick them in the comments or email me and I shall get back to you.

Have a great weekend.


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