Uses for Vertical Monthly Inserts: Deals and Voucher Tracker

As mentioned in my last post I find that vertical monthly planners are great for an overview of my schedule and a wardrobe planner. But what else do I use them for?

Well I like to go out for meals regularly and I am always on the hunt for deals and vouchers for using at local restaurants. Whether these are groupons or similar vouchers I purchase, ones I get by email or get on the back on my cinema tickets or simply an event the restaurant hosts that I have heard of – I like to note these in my filofax so that if I feel like a meal out, I can see if there is anywhere I could go to save money (or remind me that I have to use a voucher before a particular expiry date).

I started doing this in the main diary, but I felt it cluttered up my WO2P too much so I then I used an index card like this:


But this would simply become a list and you would have to scan down the list to check so it was still easy to miss expiry dates. Therefore the vertical planners have been much better.

The only downside is that a lot of vouchers and deals expiry on the last day of the month. So you don’t really have room for more than a couple of entries.

This may prompt a redesign/voucher specific design in the future, but for now I am content with simply using the vertical monthly inserts.


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