Uses for Vertical Monthly Inserts: Work Schedule

I have started working in a different department at work. They have a stricter business dress code at work. A jacket and suit is required when meeting with clients and/or attending conferences.

I decided to get out my vertical monthly planner insert for the task of planning ahead the days I needed to wear a suit and those where I could go for warmth, comfort and layers. As I don’t keep a work diary at home on a day-to-day basis i can easily slip this in with my regular diary and keep on track of it all. Therefore it doubles up as a work schedule and as a sort of wardrobe planner.

I originally set up my vertical monthly planners for other uses so did not have marked on the planners which days were the weekends. As you can see in the picture below I simply roughly coloured in the weekends and now I have a lovely work schedule in my regular diary, without cluttering up my WO2P diary with boring work notations.

After filling out these inserts with all the dates in the work diary (Outlook on the Computer) so far, I decided to also take the time to quickly create a second version for the rest of the year which highlighted the weekends. After all there are simply so many uses for a good vertical planner.

Both sets of inserts can be found on the downloads page.


4 thoughts on “Uses for Vertical Monthly Inserts: Work Schedule

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  2. I was just looking at the Filofax website and saw that monthly format. I’ve never really seen that before and didn’t think I would like it. But it definitely might be good for some other things that I track. The more I look at it the more ideas I’m getting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • It can be great for tracking lots of things. I am forever finding new uses for the vertical monthly inserts.

      Thanks for stopping by – glad to have inspired you.

  3. I do love the vertical FF calender…great post! You should definitely start a Pinterest board -)

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