End of the Week 07/10/12

This week has been a relatively productive one at Printed Portal. I have set up this blog to write more about notebooks, stationery, organisation and planning generally – and hopefully we will be off to a great start. There are of course some kinks still being worked out.

All three versions of the After-Work Schedule are now available to purchase online following comments that some people finished work earlier than 6pm (the original version was from 6pm only).

Hopefully more people will be able to enjoy the products now. As always if you would prefer a different time get in contact by emailing contact@printedportal.com

Over on printed portal I have blogged more about the reason why I created the after-work schedule notebook and hope to give you some insight into how I use the notebook myself over the next week.

Use the notebook yourself? Get in touch and show us how you use yours.

Hope you all have a great week.




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