Meet the new Filofax

I had been toying with the idea of purchasing yet another Filofax (this is my fourth). I am already addicted enough to planners and notebooks and I don’t need a vast collection of binders. However, I have been taking part in the 365/30 lists for Philofaxers a few of the questions so far have included favourite Filofaxes, perfect Filofaxes etc etc and this made me hungry for a new one.

Enter… the beautiful chocolate coloured cross I picked up on eBay. (personal sized).


The second picture presents a more accurate representation of the colour. It is a dark chocolate colour.

This is the first Filofax I have purchased second hand and I have got to say I was pleasantly surprised. Very little wear and tear, plenty of inserts (only the diary is missing which was expected) and a great feel.

A busy working life has unfortunately prevented me from “moving in” properly yet and I hope to do another post once this has been accomplished.


One thought on “Meet the new Filofax

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