London 2012 Sporting Icons Filofax

I bought this filofax for £4 at staples which was an absolute bargain. This was, of course, a post-Olympics purchase. Since I did attend a couple of events in London part of me was disappointed that I didn’t purchase a copy in advance of my trip (some of the inserts would have come in handy).


I love the discreet design (and the contrasting vibrant colours on the inside of the Filofax). It is great that is black (and professional) with a certain amount of quirkiness to it. I prefer it to the line burst editions.The only thing that does disappoint is the silicon band closure which seems to pick up a lot of dirt, fluff etc from my desk.

As mentioned in a previous post I am using this Filofax to take part in the 365/30 challenge on Facebook. It is great that I found this challenge as it gives me a specific use for the Filofax. I will probably also add in some kind of journal as well.


One thought on “London 2012 Sporting Icons Filofax

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